A Cup A Day … May Keep The Cancer Away

By Robert Coates on Friday, May 20, 2011
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Well actually several cups, and we’re talking about coffee here and not bra sizes.

An extensive 20 year study by the Harvard School of Public Health thinks that men who drink several cups of coffee a day lower their risk of getting prostrate cancer … and if they do get the disease, their chances of dying are greatly reduced.

These observations are the latest medical related announcements about the merits of drinking coffee and the benefits it can provide for better health.

When i was a kid my mother wouldn’t let me drink coffee because she thought it was a bad thing to do, but now science seems to be saying that for a greater and greater number of health problems drinking coffee actually reduces the risk.

The Harvard study says that men (not women) that drank more than six cups of coffee a day had an 18 percent less chance of developing any kind of prostrate cancer than those who didn’t tank up, and further more those coffee guzzlers were 60% less likely to die from prostrate cancer.

Researchers aren’t sure why coffee is such a good prostrate defense except they know it isn’t the caffeine because the effect was similar for both decaf and regular drinkers. They speculate that it may be due to the heavy concentration of antioxidants present in coffee.

They point out that this study in no way can confirm that a reduction in prostrate cancer risk is directly related to coffee consumption since this was an observational study based on submitted data and so is not considered to be scientific enough to draw actual conclusions from.

Recently other studies have suggested coffee can also be beneficial in reducing type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, cardiovascular death, and gallstones.

The research team concludes that while this study suggests that drinking 6 or more cups of coffee a day might be a good thing, that it is still a lot of caffeine to consume which in itself may cause other health problems.

They suggest a more moderate one or two cups a day is a good compromise since the study also showed that even a small amount of coffee drank daily lowered this specific cancer risk.

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