Mom’s Day Tops All Other Flower Occasions Of The Year…

By John Eager on Saturday, May 7, 2011
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Everybody has a mom … or at least had a mom, and so it is no mystery when flower retailers say they sell more flowers for Mother’s Day than any other flower occasion in the year.

In addition to giving flowers to the mom in your life on Mother’s Day we also give thanks to our mom’s by wearing a red flower if we are lucky enough to still have our mom. For those of us who have lost our moms we wear a  white flower to remember the mom’s who are no longer here to celebrate her special day with us.

Carnations are the typical flower of choice on Mother’s Day. According to flower history red carnations signify deep love and affection. White carnations represent pure love, and sometimes pink carnations are worn in place of white.

Pink carnations are considered to be the most significant of all the carnations because it is said that pink carnations came into being from the Virgin Mary’s tears  … thus making them a symbol of a mother’s unquestioning and endless love.

Another Mother’s Day tradition is to place flowers on the graves of mothers.

Some other flowers that are popular on mother’s day are roses, tulips. and lilies. Most people like to use fresh cut flowers because of their pleasant spring fragrance.

However you want to say it with flowers, the message is clear on Mother’s Day …. mom we love you, and thanks for giving us life and making the sacrifices you did so we could be here.

Mom’s rock … everywhere.

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