White Space Broadband WiFi A Boon To Google

By Jay Waghorn on Thursday, September 23, 2010
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With today’s FCC’s approval to allow broadband WiFi to use TV channel white space spectrum … companies like Google will now have an even  bigger advertising audience.

Google was one of the first to promote the idea to the FCC in 2008 of using so called white space for broadband WiFi . The changeover from analog to digital TV created channel space that no longer was being used for TV signals.

These WiFi broadband channels will have a range of about 50 miles and be able to penetrate buildings in the much the same way a TV signal can. The amount of channel space available makes it feasible that the whole nation can be blanketed with “Super WiFi”.

A company like Google with it’s Android mobile platform software, its dominance in Internet search, the Chrome browser, and a large dark fiber network it owns, can now provide broadband to everyone and access  a much larger market to show its advertisements to.

It’s very similar to the free service advertiser based business model TV networks started out with.

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